Dear Friends and Neighbors,

When I decided to step up, serve my community, and run for City Council, I made a commitment to my family that I wouldn't run a negative campaign. I'm proud of that, and it's important to me. We have enough of that out there.

My opponent didn't make the same commitment, and I want to address some of the rumors out there.
I want you to hear this from me: I am not a developer. I cannot make any money from any development that happens in Lakewood. For me, this is a labor of love.

I am a decade long resident in Belmar who has dedicated my whole life to working for my neighbors and my community, starting as a life guard when I was 16. I've partnered with my neighbors and worked for a non profit managing downtown Boise Idaho's revitalization to make their dream a reality: a lively, walk able, historic downtown.

And now, I want to put my experience to work for YOU. Let's work together, and effectively manage growth challenges and maintain our great quality of life here in Lakewood, because Great Spaces make Great Places.

If you have any questions, give me a call or an email. I'm always accessible. I'd love to earn your vote, and work together to make YOUR vision a reality.

Michael Gifford
Candidate for Ward 3

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I am running for City Council Ward 3 to help move Lakewood forward - and address the issues of our day. If elected, it will be an honor to represent our citizens and serve on the Lakewood City Council.
— Michael Gifford


 What I Hope We Accomplish Together


Enhance our physical and social infrastructure

We can address congestion and traffic issues; maintain and improve our streets, parks, rec centers; and our programs for youth and seniors by managing our investments wisely.

I'll put my 21 years of experience in funding and implementing government infrastructure programs to work for you.  I'll work hard at developing partnerships with others to create great spaces and great places

Commercial building in properly zoned areas will help create the city revenue we need to invest in our physical and social infrastructure.  


Provide good jobs and careers for our youth

We can provide new opportunities for our youth by developing pathways to jobs and careers and by partnering with top notch education and training programs.

Since 2014 I have been providing youth with great paying jobs and careers through the and the Construction Careers Now programs.  These programs are made possible due to my vision and work with Emily Griffith Technical College, contractors, and city and state officials.  Helping Lakewood youth find their way to a great career path will be an accomplishment that will change people's live for the better.

Be good stewards of our environment

We can be good stewards of the environment in Lakewood including energy efficiency and clean water.  Environmental stewardship must be balanced with the cost to implement if it is going to be successful and sustainable.

Since 2010 I have partnered with the Colorado Department of Health & Environmental Quality to reduce erosion and sediment into our state's waterways, and worked to improve energy efficiency for buildings through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.  I'll put my practical, common sense experience to work for you.

great spaces and great places

Great spaces and great places is more than just a slogan - it's a vision that I'm confident we can make a reality.  We can make great spaces for our citizens and connect those together into a great community called Lakewood!

An example of great spaces and great places in Ward 3 is Belmar.  The city worked with citizens and businesses to remake a tired mall into a new downtown with great spaces and great places.  My wife and I love to see Lakewood citizens having a great time in Belmar at a restaurant, a movie,  shopping, or listening to a free concert in the plaza.

Our region is a very popular place and people will continue to choose Lakewood for their business and their home.  We can’t stop people from moving here, but we can have great spaces and great places through proper planning and design.

I will use my 21 years of experience in planning and developing cities and states to incorporate concepts and ideas like downtown place-making, design charrettes, and the programs of the Urban Land Institute.







Masters Degree in Public Administration

B.S. Degree Business Administration & Finance

City budgeting, economic development, planning and redevelopment

State Government budgeting

Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

Metro Denver Economic Development Council Executive Board

Aurora Economic Development Council Board of Directors

Urban Land Institute member

University Professor of State & Local Government

Water Infrastructure Network Executive Committee

Eagle (Idaho) Sewer District Chairman and Director (elected position)




The bridge to accomplishing great things for Lakewood



I currently interact with all 9 of our U.S. Senators and Representatives, and all of Colorado’s State Legislators - and can work with them when Lakewood needs help at the state and federal level.

I also have significant business networks and relationships through my work on regional chamber of commerce and economic development boards.




I appreciate the endorsement and support from the following people who care about Lakewood as much as I do:

  • Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul
  • Lakewood Ward 3 Councilperson Shakti
  • Former Lakewood Mayor Steve Burkholder 1999-2007





Email or call me anytime or submit the form below.  You can sign up to support the campaign in a variety of ways.


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If you support my ideas and would like to help me send my message to the citizens of Lakewood Ward 3 - please donate to my campaign by completing the form below.  I am excited about the prospect of helping make Lakewood an even greater place to live and do business. 



  • Make check payable to:  Gifford4Lakewood
  • Send to:  531 South Upham Ct.  Lakewood, CO  80226


Thank you for your consideration in making a contribution!